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The FAFSA is completed during a student's senior year, and can be filed every year while they are at attendance at college/career tech. The FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aide is a way for students to potentially qualify for financial aide through the form of a Pell Grant, and also qualifies you to receive loans (you do not have to choose to take the loans out). Also, to apply for the Hazel Cross Grant (a scholarship offered to TFC Seniors), you will need to complete the FAFSA (along with an ACT score), and at the end of completing the application, the last document shown gives you an "EFC" number. Please be sure to print that page because it will be needed for the Hazel Cross Scholarship.

The FAFSA application opens up October 1st every year, and needs to be completed as soon as you can to have opportunities to get the most financial help.

FAFSA Website Link: FAFSA® Application | Federal Student Aid


FAFSA Breakdown and Information:

Website to get more information on completing the FAFSA, and a powerpoint that breaks it down into steps.

Link: Publications: FAFSA (