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If you plan on playing sports while in college, there are certain classes that you will need to take starting your freshman year. Please be sure to let me know that you are considering playing a sport in college to be sure to get you on the right track.

There are certain eligibility requirements towards Division I + II eligibility, and certain requirements for Division III. Please click the middle link or right link below on the page to see if you are eligible, and to learn how to become eligible.  

You will need to register on the NCAA website if you are sure you would like to play sports in college. You can wait until your senior year to register, but you need to be sure you are eligible with the right classes starting your freshman year. 

NCAA Eligibility Center

Click below to go to the NCAA Student Portal to create a profile to register through NCAA:

Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete:

Click below to be taken to the "Guide for the College-Bound" Athlete" to determine what you need to take if you plan on becoming eligible for sports in college:


Click below for a summary of qualifications for Division I Student-Athletes: